• Taste the nuances of Fair Trade
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    Fecha Actividad: Martes, Octubre 27, 2020 - 17:30
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    Tuesday, October 27 at 5:30 p.m., we encourage you to join our acitivity "Taste the nuances of fair trade" where we will have the opportunity to hear first-hand two coffee producers. On the one hand, Exolina Aldana from COMULACS (Nicaragua) who works with the Alternativa3 cooperative, and on the other, Tumwijeho Yorkonia from ACPCU (Uganda), who works with Oxfam Intermón.
    After this first part, we will proceed with a coffee tasting of the following two coffees (even if you do not have coffee at home, we encourage you to participate in the activity anyway) The Tierra Madre Mujer coffee (a blend of Arabica coffees from the Aldea Global cooperative in Nicaragua and robust from the ACPCU cooperative in Uganda), from Oxfam Intermón. And the Arabica coffee from different cooperatives in Nicaragua, from Alternativa3.
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    Lenguaje(s) de la actividad: Catalan, Spanish, English
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    Area de actividad principal: Agriculture (food production and distribution)
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    Lista de Tópicos: Fair Trade, Food sovereignty, Global relations, Organic
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    Which of the 4 dimensions of transformation does the activity address?: Transforming economy and finance, Transforming relation to nature
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