• RedPES' Solidarity Talks#2 - "Roda de Diálogos sobre a Economia Solidária em tempos de Covid-19"
    Fecha Actividad: Martes, Noviembre 17, 2020 - 19:00
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    This round of dialogue will have Pedro Hespanha (Faculty of Economics of the University of Coimbra/Ecosol-CES) and Sara Moreira (Open University of Catalonia/Institute of Sociology of the University of Porto) as speakers and is focused on the Portuguese solidarity solutions to deal with communities' material and health constraints. The webinar will be in Portuguese and can be attended at the following link: On January 19th, there will be a similar webinar in English within the context of the I RedPES-RIPESS Workshop Series on Solidarity Economy.

    Lenguaje(s) de la actividad: Portuguese
    Otro(s) lenguaje(s) de la actividad:
    Area de actividad principal: Wellbeing (individual and social well-being)
    Otra(s) Areas de actividad:
    Lista de Tópicos: Agroecology
    Otros(s) tópicos(s):
    Which of the 4 dimensions of transformation does the activity address?: Transforming economy and finance
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