Nombre Main activities Other(s) Main activity(ies) Country
Caritas Internacionalis Other/s

many relief and human promotion activities - also active in wsf process methodology

Santa Sede (Ciudad Estado del Vaticano)
Casa da esquina Art Portugal
CASAL Activism España
Catedra Libre de Soberanía Alimentaria y Agroecologia Academic, Access to knowledge Argentina
CCFD - Terre Solidaire Agroecology, Buen vivir, Climate action, Community development, Decent work, Development aid, Equality, Fight against poverty, Food sovereignty, Gender equity, Human rights, Indigenous peoples, International cooperation, Migrant Francia
CEDSS - Consultoría Especializada en Drogas, Salud & Sociedad. Access to knowledge, Medicinal, Science, Technology
Center for Migrant Advocacy Philippines Inc Migrant Filipinas
Centre d'études, de formation et des affaires associatives
Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience Academic Reino Unido
Centre for Ecological Learning Luxembourg Community development Luxemburgo