Nombre Main activities Other(s) Main activity(ies) Country
Caritas Internacionalis Other/s

many relief and human promotion activities - also active in wsf process methodology

Saint-Siège (État de la Cité du Vatican)
Casa da esquina Art Portugal
CASAL Activism Espagne
Catedra Libre de Soberanía Alimentaria y Agroecologia Academic, Access to knowledge Argentine
CCFD - Terre Solidaire Agroecology, Buen vivir, Climate action, Community development, Decent work, Development aid, Equality, Fight against poverty, Food sovereignty, Gender equity, Human rights, Indigenous peoples, International cooperation, Migrant France
CEDSS - Consultoría Especializada en Drogas, Salud & Sociedad. Access to knowledge, Medicinal, Science, Technology
Center for Migrant Advocacy Philippines Inc Migrant Philippines
Centre d'études, de formation et des affaires associatives
Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience Academic Royaume-Uni
Centre for Ecological Learning Luxembourg Community development Luxembourg