WSFTE Registration

Welcome to the WSFTE registration space!

Through a few simple steps you can register activities or initiatives that will be part of the Virtual WSFTE that takes place from June 25 to 1st July, 2020.

For more information on how to participate in the WSFTE, you can access the following document: FAQ: How to register ?

Proposals for online activities in the FSMET are now closed, but it is still possible to register initiatives

If you have any questions or need help with the registration, please contact us at:

Open an account
To be able to fill in the form (This step is essential to carry out the registration)

Once you have an account you CAN:

Register as a person

To be able to join the FSMET process, receive the newsletter, etc.

Register your organization, group or network
In order to join the WSFTE process, be part of the mapping and register an activity or an initiative.

Propose an Activity

An Activity is a self-organized or proposed space (workshop, meeting, assembly, open conversation, talk…) in the framework of the Transformative Economies and that can be adapted to the virtual modality of this WSFTE.

Propose an initiative

Participating organizations, networks and entities can register their transformative initiatives: struggles, campaigns, projects, policies and practices that reflect the search for transformative economies, in the broadest sense. We look for initiatives that respond to the great global challenges from concrete and localized practices.

By adding your initiatives:

- These can be entered in a directory with the aim of making the existing transformative initiatives visible.

- The ones that receive more support in the, will be offered an opportunity to exchange a sponsorship, north/south, south/north, that guarantees the knowledge and mutual help, with the human and economic resources that are necessary, for the corresponding exchanges.
The sponsored initiatives will participate in the program of the WSFTE 2020 in October, and will be incorporated into a digital publication and into a funding round with actors in the sector of ethical finance at a global level.