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Registration space for the World Social Forum of Transformative Economies (WSFTE)

The WSFTE continues: We continue to work to address the most urgent challenges in a world in full reconfiguration.

The new process of the FSMET will be developed within the framework of the Fira d'Economia Solidària de Catalunya (FESC), between 26 October and 18 November. Here we will show the results of the dynamic "We accept the challenge" and there will be spaces reserved for what has been called "inter-confluence dialogues" with the aim of walking together towards the construction of a common agenda. This whole program will be completed by the self-managed activities registered here by the different organizations.
You can consult the program of the FSMET for October-November here:

The REGISTRATION is open to individuals and organizations as well as to activities and initiatives that are part of the path to the event and the Forum's program. We invite you to read carefully these brief indications before entering the respective forms.

1. Open an ACCOUNT

This step is essential to be able to register. At the end of this step, you will obtain a user name and password with which you will be able to access your data at all times as well as complete the rest of the fields in the registration forms.

After registering, I didn't get a welcome email, is this normal?

No, you should have immediately received a confirmation with all the information you have entered. Check your "spam" folder for an email from In case you still can't find anything, you can write to to ask for help.

2. Registration of INDIVIDUAL person

This register has been prepared for those who wish to take a more active part in the process and receive the newsletter and become part of an internal database. People who register individually can also be part of an organization, a network or a collective. If this is not the case, it is not necessary to fill in this information.

Does registering as an individual mean that you will be able to access all the activities of the event?

No. Once the Programme is completed and published on the FSMET website, people will be able to register specifically for the activities in which they wish to participate. Each activity will be managed in a self-managed way by the promoter(s) who will publish a form to be able to participate in the specific activity/event.

3. Registration of ORGANIZATIONS

The WSFTE welcomes all those organizations committed to the active search for an economic system oriented towards the sustainability of life. All organizational forms that share this commitment are invited to the forum. The organizations that register can participate in the construction of the WSFTE program by registering activities and/or initiatives. If desired, the registered organization/entity can be part of the different mapping projects that are being promoted by the WSFTE with the aim of making visible the organizations and entities that are part of the Transforming Economies. If they are already part of any mapping initiative, they can also indicate it.

Can an organization/entity register and not propose an activity or initiative?

Yes, it is possible for an organization to register to become part of the internal database of the WSFTE and be able to contribute more actively to the process as well as be part of existing mapping projects.

4. Registration of ACTIVITIES

The activities registered by the organisations responding to the call constitute the core of the WSFTE Programme. All the activities registered must be in line with the Charter of Principles of the World Social Forum:

Who can promote an activity?

Entities that have previously formalized the registration of their organization in the registry can promote an activity. When you register the activity, up to 5 co-promoting organizations can appear and receive information about the registration of the activity.

In addition to this, it is necessary to take into account that the activities should not be of a self-referential nature, but rather, should be presented as spaces open to dialogue, joint reflection, and open debate.

How are the activities managed?

The activities will be self-managed, that is, they will be managed by the promoting organization(s).

What are the times when an activity can be registered?

The activities will be registered to take place between October 26 and November 18. In principle, you can register at any time, although it is important to note that the registration platform is programmed according to the CET (Central European Time) time zone. This means that if the country from which you present the activity has another time zone, you will have to do the time conversion to CET. We ask not to present activities that overlap with the FSMET program itself.

What are the possible formats for carrying out an activity?

Activities can be registered in different formats (workshops, panels, assemblies, exhibition of experiences and debates, microchats...), but always bearing in mind that they can be adapted to the online format of this Forum. In this sense, the promoters of the activity will try to ensure the possibility of recording the sessions and/or conducting them via streaming to guarantee participation, as well as providing mechanisms for participation and debate and those that are relevant to stimulate the exchange of knowledge and generate elements of a common agenda in the future.

Can I update the content of my activity after registration? (upload the broadcast poster, link to the tool where the call will be made...)

Yes, of course. Just click on "My activities" in the right menu and you will see a list of the activities you have registered.

How and where will my activity be displayed?

Your proposed activity is immediately visible on the activity directory page (from the menu on the right or here: and on the pages of the program

Will the Forum provide any kind of material/tool for the realization of the activity?

Yes, there are several tools freely available to promoters and participants, all based on Free Open Source Software.
You can use any online tool you prefer, but if you want to promote the free software digital tools, please do so:
- For online meetings, you can use:
- For the online pads, you can use:
- To share your videos, you can use:

And for the visibility of your meetings and activities, as well as to participate in the process of the WSFET, register and use the

I have registered my activity and received the confirmation e-mail. Can I already distribute it to the contacts in my network or do I have to wait for some kind of confirmation ?

You can already promote your activity proposal. If there is any problem in this regard, you will be contacted by someone from the activity program team.
Don't forget to indicate the link of the online meeting platform you will use and check that the program has the correct date, time and time zone indicated!

What does the field "link to the online space in the transforming" mean?

The forum.transformadora ( is the online platform of the Forum where you can register and open a workspace, the link of which can be indicated in this field.

What does the field "link to the online meeting URL" mean?

Here you could indicate the link to the tool where you will perform the activity (Meet, JITSI, etc)

How can we inform and make visible the results of our activity?

As a promoter of the activity, you will receive a short guideline document with some suggestions on facilitation, promotion and reporting. The latter will be in the form of some questions that you are encouraged to answer in order to contribute to the Forum process itself. The documentation of your activity can be published on the