Nombre Main activities Other(s) Main activity(ies) Country
The Kola Nut Collaborative Circular economy, Collaborative economy, Community & collective spaces, Community development, Currencies, Degrowth, Popular education, Social economy, Social solidarity economy, Solidarity economy United States
The New Human Rights Movement
The Next Economy
Tornallom Solidarity economy Spain
transform! europe Academic, Commons, Culture, Democracy, Education, Free culture and knowledge, Free libre & open source software, Governance, Industry, Labour, Law, Media, Migrant, Networking, Public administration Austria
Transportistas Última Milla SIRA Labour, Social solidarity economy, Transport Mexico
Tunisian American Association Social, Social and solidarity finances, Social care United States
U.S. Solidarity Economy Network Movement organizing, Networking, Networks, Popular education, Sharing economy, Social movement, Social solidarity economy, Solidarity economy United States
Udayani Social Action Forum Activism, Community development, Environment, Food, Gender, Networking, Rights, Social India
Uneako Climate, Climate action, Environment, Environmentally sustainable, Manufacturing, Natural environment India