• Covid 19 - Responses from the Kurdish Women’s Movement with Dilar Dirik
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    Activity Date: Friday, June 26, 2020 - 13:30
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    The Global Tapestry of Altern will carry on a conversation about the perspectives, challenges and progress of the Kurdish Women’s Movement in the context of the global crisis and pandemic. The role of women, jineology and the struggle in Rojava as a source of inspiration for radical alternative processes on a global level.

    Language(s) of the Activity: English
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    Main Activity Area: Governance (democracy / decision making), Gender equality (Feminism and LGBTQI rights)
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    List of topics: Democracy
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    Which of the 4 dimensions of transformation does the activity address?: Transforming power relations, Transforming culture and education, Transforming economy and finance, Transforming relation to nature
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