• Cooperative federated open technologies for systemic change
    Activity Date: Friday, June 26, 2020 - 13:30
    Time Zone: GMT+02:00
    Brief Description:

    More than ever today there is a strong need of FLOSS (Free-Libre Open Source Software) technologies, cooperative platforms and their implementation to promote transformative economy projects. Collaborative tools run by collectives (possibly in cooperative form or as cooperative platforms) and supported by the different forms of commoning and solidarity economy.

    Methodology and expected results:

    There will be short presentations of the different initiatives that have been interacting in the last months and then a discussion for a more "political" proposal to be included in the "agenda" of transformative economies that we are going to try and build as a result of this virtual forum meeting and in the next months, towards a second meeting of the WSFTE, "blended" (in Barcelona and online) in October.

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    Activity format: Workshop
    Main Area: Information (media / communications / networks)
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    Free technologies

    List of areas: Free libre & open source software, Technology
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    Which of the 4 dimensions of transformation does the activity address?: Transforming economy and finance
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    Language(s) of the Activity: Spanish, English, French
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