• NOW Ecommony
    Activity Date: Friday, June 26, 2020 - 11:00
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    Market logic cannot be designed emancipatory, since it always produces artificial scarcity, alienation, structural hate, compulsory growth, competitive advantage for those who pay less for people, animals or nature as well as declining terms of trade between both care & production and primary & industrial products.The alternative is a society without surplus property, build on everybody's freedom to dedicate one's own life/time to what matters. The solidarity activities seen across the globe during the covid-19 pandemic and those who already existed before, are going into this direction.Coordinating these efforts with dismantling competition on the market, and replacing it with commoning while also democratizing the state and guaranteeing universal basic resources for everyone, we can start with this transformation NOW. NOW is also the name of a new network which combines different approaches of transformative economies proposing these three ways for transformation.

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    Main Activity Area: Governance (democracy / decision making)
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    List of topics: Networking
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    Which of the 4 dimensions of transformation does the activity address?: Transforming economy and finance
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