• Impact Investment for the Global South
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    Oikocredit International, through its Share Foundation (OISF), has recently opened a new impact investment vehicle in Spain (, which allows individuals and organizations to invest their funds responsibly in order to finance projects from Latin America, Africa and Asia that work in the fields of Microfinance, Sustainable Agriculture and Renewable Energies. Nowadays OISF is raising funds in Spain to be able to maximize the impact of Oikocredit's activities in the Global South.

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    It is organized by Oikocredit International (cooperative), its Share Foundation (OISF), and generally promoted by the three Oikocredit Support Associations that exist in Spain: Oikocredit Catalunya, Oikocredit Euskadi and Oikocredit Sevilla.

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    The investment opportunity is already active through the website, although we plan to make an official launch campaign at the end of 2020.

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    Accepting the challenge: Transformation of the economy, Transformation of the energy model, Transformation of the agri-food model